Year 5 with Animal Lady

The children had the opportunity of experiencing a visit from the animal lady to learn many wonderful facts about a number of different minibeasts. They even got to hold and touch a tarantula, a pet rat, a lizard and even a snake! Year 5 were extremely brave and some of them even faced their fears! A big well done to…


British Legion at Blackheath


On Friday, we were presented with the trophy from the British Legion because we raised the most money for Remembrance Day out of all the schools in Rowley and Cradley. We raised over £800 and were the winning school for the third year running! Thank you to all parents and pupils who supported us.

Gallery Rebels

Today Year 6 took part in their memorable experience for their topic ‘Gallery Rebels’. They were joined by graffiti artist, Andy who showed them how to create their own art pieces using paint pens. Year 6 created some fantastic work!