Maths at Blackheath

At Blackheath Maths it is our aim to provide children with the processes and knowledge to become competent Mathematicians and skilful and creative problem solvers in the wider world. In our Maths lessons we facilitate learning which is lively, engaging and innovative to foster fascination and a love of learning in our pupils. We aim to make learning in Maths as practical and hands on as possible and also aim to place taught skills into real life contexts and evident cross curricular through our creative topics.

Maths is taught on a daily basis throughout school. In our lessons, we use a range of exciting and purposeful resources to support learning and help create a visual image to aid understanding. We encourage children to become independent in their approaches to Maths and place an emphasis on their reasoning behind their answers. We often use our extensive outdoor area for Maths allowing children to learn outside of the classroom which our pupils love!

Our Curriculum

From September 2014 we have been teaching the new Primary Curriculum for Maths at Blackheath. In this new curriculum expectations are much greater with skills from previous years being taught much early in school. With the introduction of this, we also created a new calculations policy to fully embed new short, efficient written methods into our lessons in line with the New Curriculum. From September 2015 Years 2 and 6 will also follow the New Curriculum and will sit the first round of SATs tests this Summer with these new, higher expectation objectives.

As a school we have chosen to create our own personalised scheme of work tailor made to fully cover and embed the new curriculum in each year group and to best support and challenge children of all abilities. We have a thorough approach to assessment and fully understand each of our pupils strengths and areas for development. We are now using a staging system whereby each stage demonstrates a different year group expectation from the new National Curriculum. Eg. Stage 2 is Year 2 objectives. Please see our Stage Target Sheets below.

Children are now also expected to know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 in the New Curriculum. We have introduced our own new Maths Champions Times Table Scheme to support this across school. However, please continue to support your child with learning their times tables at home also.

We have also created new Parent Guides which will be given out sharing the stage your child is currently working at and the objective they need to secure in order to progress to the next stage. We have a strong and positive relationship with our parents and will be happy to support work at home with this as much as possible.

Problem Solving Fridays

Each Friday, every class across school engages in our Problem Solving Friday Maths lesson. During this time, children are taught specific problem solving skills and provided the opportunity to explore problems for themselves. These are fun sessions which result in some fabulous and innovative work! Take a look at some of our work below!


Every child at Blackheath has a personal log-in account to the Mathletics website. Here they can complete timed Maths tasks alone or play against other children in their class or even against children from around the World! Teachers can also set specific tasks on here to consolidate knowledge from class learning. These must be completed before children can choose other activities on their account. There is an expectation that every child will use the website at least once a week as part of additional learning. However, for any children without access to the internet at home, we also provide lunchtime clubs for this. Last year, one of our Year 6 pupils was actually ranked as 8th in the World on Mathletics and won an iPad shuffle as a reward! Can we beat 8th this year?

Maths at Blackheath is exciting! If you have any questions regarding Maths in your child’s class or as a whole, please feel free to speak to your class teacher or Miss Perks (Maths Leader). Take a look at some of our brilliant Maths below!


Useful Links


Useful Documents

Calculation Policy – Addition

Calculation Policy – Subtraction

Calculation Policy – Mulitiplication

Calculation Policy – Division

Written Methods – Addition

Written Methods -Subtraction

Written Methods -Mulitiplication

Written Methods – Division

Stage 0 Maths Targets

Stage 1 Maths Targets

Stage 2 Maths Targets

Stage 3 Maths Targets

Stage 4 Maths Targets

Stage 5 Maths Targets

Stage 6 Maths Targets