12 Sep Year 2 swimming starts
12 Sep Year 5 MEX - Beast Creator
12 Sep Year 1 Parent curriculum meeting
13 Sep Year 2 Parent curriculum meeting 2.45-3.20pm Years 3 & 4 Parent curriculum meeting 3.30-4.00pm
13 Sep Year 1 MEX - Conkers
14 Sep Year 2 MEX – Wriggle and crawl
14 Sep Year 3 MEX - Scrumdidlyumptious
15 Sep Year 5 Yoga begins
15 Sep Years 5 & 6 Parent curriculum meetings 3.30-4.00pm
16 Sep Year 3 MEX - Scrumdidlyumptious
16 Sep Year 4 MEX – I Am Warrior
26 Sep After school clubs begin
26 Sep Reception Parent curriculum meeting 2.30-3.30pm
27 Sep Reception MEX – Do you want to be friends?
28 Sep Year 6 residential to Frank Chapman
28 Sep Nursery MEX – Why do you love me so much?
30 Sep Macmillan Coffee morning
4 Oct School photos
7 Oct No pens day
11 Oct KS1 Harvest 9.15am
11 Oct KS2 Harvest 2.45pm
17 Oct Cultural Week
19 Oct Parent Consultation Evening Whole School
21 Oct DT Focus day
1 Nov Reception MEX – Why do squirrels hide?
2 Nov Nursery MEX – What is reflection?
2 Nov Year 1 MEX – Moon zoom
3 Nov Year 4 MEX – Burps, bottoms and bile
4 Nov Year 3 MEX – Tremors
8 Nov Year 4 MEX – Burps, bottoms and bile
8 Nov Y5 Visit to Leicester Space Station
9 Nov Y3 Inspire Day
15 Nov School Nurse Parent Drop in Day 9am - 11am
18 Nov Children in Need
23 Nov Music focus day
23 Nov Maths parents workshops 2.45pm - 5.00pm
24 Nov Year 2 Assembly 9.00am
25 Nov Christmas Fayre
28 Nov Reception Christmas to Safari Park
29 Nov Reception Christmas to Safari Park
1 Dec Flu immunisations Y1, 2 & 3
2 Dec Nursery Christmas visit to Thomas land
6 Dec 7 Dec Nursery and Reception Nativity
8 Dec KS1 Nativity
9 Dec KS2 Visit to St giles Church
12 Dec Santa Visits Explorers Academy
12 Dec Last Swim session for Class 2R
13 Dec School Pantomime
14 Dec Christmas Dinner
14 Dec Santa Visits Creator Academy
14 Dec KS2 Christmas Disco
15 Dec Christmas Parties
16 Dec Christmas Jumper - non uniform day
16 Dec School closes at 1:15pm for Christmas Holidays
Friday 7th Jan Young Minds Charity Day
Monday 9th Jan Year 2B swim starts
Wednesday 18th Jan Year 6 Visit to Black Country Museum
Monday 16th Jan After School/Lunch time clubs start
Thursday 19th Jan Year 4 Inspire Day
Tuesday 31st Jan Year 6 Inspire Day
Thursday 2nd Feb Year 3 Assembly
Tuesday 7th Feb School Nurse - parent drop in session 9-11am.
Wednesday 15th Feb Parent Evening (no clubs)
Friday 17th Feb School breaks up for Half term
Tuesday 28th Feb School Open for pupils
2nd March World Book Day (children to dress up as book characters)
7th March Year 1 trip to Think Tank
9th & 10th March Reception Trip to Ash End Farm
14th March Year 2 Visit to Warwick Castle
16th March Year 4 trip to Lickey Hills
21st March Down Syndrome Awareness Day
23rd March Year 2 Inspire Day, Yr 6 trip to Oxford & Year 4 Assembly
24th March Comic ReliefLast swim session 2B
27th March Last swim session 2B
28th March Year 5 Inspire Day
4th April Easter Bonnet Parade
6th April Reception Inspire Day
7th April School breaks up for Easter Holidays
3rd April Last swim session 2B
4th April KS1 And Reception Disco
5th April KS2 Disco
Reception Inspire Day
Mon 1st May Day Bank Holiday – School Closed to pupils
Thurs 4th School Closed for voting
Mon 8th After School Clubs Start
Mon 8th Thursday 11th – KS2 SATS
Mon 15th KS1 SATS start
Tues 16th Parent drop in school nurse, 9.00am
Wed 17th Nursery Inspire Day
Thurs 18th Year 1 Assembly
Mon 22nd Deaf Awareness Charity Day
Tues 23rd Sponsored Bounce
Wed 24th Year 6 SATS trip
Fri 26th School breaks up from half term
Mon 5th Pupils in school
Thurs 8th Trip to Bartley Green
Fri 9th British Heart Charity Day
Tues 13th Yr 3 visit to Kinver Edge
Wed 14th Yr 4 visit to Sealife Centre
Mon 19th Recep trip to Seaside
Tues 20th School Photos
Fri 23rd Nursery trip to Himley Hall seaside
Mon 3rd Yr 2 Residential to Beaudesert
Fri 7th Summer Fayre/Fun day
Tue 11th Sports Day
Tues 18th Yr 6 Production/Leavers Assembly
Wed 19th Yr 6 PROM
Tue 25th School Breaks up for summer holidays