The Nursery team are Mrs Edmonds-Went, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Bowden, Miss Brace, Mr Sprason and Miss Bunn and together they all help to begin the children’s learning journey in school.

Nursery morning and afternoon children have been extremely busy!

Mrs Bowden’s Blue Group, Miss Brace’s Green Group and Mrs Edmonds-Went and Mrs Richardson’s Red Group have been settling into Nursery life.

Most of the children have learnt to put on their own coats and zip them up!

They’ve been learning to identify their names around the snack table and some children are even beginning to write their names!

We’ve been concentrating on Communication and Language, encouraging full sentences and responding appropriately to others. We’ve talk about our Families and how we are different from others in our community and have shared ‘Treasure Boxes’ containing things that are important or mean a lot to us.


In Autumn 2 we have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’, focusing on The Emergency Services. For homework, we have made puppets of ‘people who help us.’


We also took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week, where we learnt a new rhyme every day and made our own resources and props in school. At home, we practised a new rhyme and sang it in school the following week.

We have learnt about different celebrations and continue to learn about people and different cultures. We made diva lamps for the festival of Diwali and thought about the soldiers during Remembrance Day. We listened to the Cultural story of Anansi Spider and made some, not so scary spiders, in class.

More recently, we have been learning about the Christmas story and have been making decorations for the tree. We have performed our Christmas nativity and are very busy finishing our cards and calendars.


We wish you all a Happy Christmas from all the staff and children in Nursery!