The class teachers in Year Five are Miss Perkins, Mrs Oakes (maternity cover )and Miss Baker (maternity cover). Mrs Owen works across both classes supporting all the children with their learning. The other members of the year five team are Miss Bunn, Mrs Hazelhurst, Mr Sprason, Miss Dellicott, Mrs Blackwell, Mrs Adams and Mrs Hyde and together they all work together to help the children succeed.

Knowledge Organisers

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Their topic this term was a study of the Ancient Egyptian Civiisation

Our Memorable Experience

For the Memorable experience, Year 5 had a workshop all about the Ancient Egyptians. We learned loads of facts about the pharaohs and lives of Egyptians, and completed a quiz. Then we played a board game and decoded hieroglyphics to find instructions on how to measure!

In the afternoon we learned all about mummification and which organ went into which canopic jar. Did you know that the Egyptians didn’t think the brain was important!

Then we played a game to try to knock down the Nile animals with a beanbag.


We had a great day and look forward to using our learning in class!


In History we have travelled back 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt. We have found out about life on the river’s fertile banks and unravelled the secrets of ancient tombs. We began our journey through ancient Egypt by learning about when the Egyptian era was in comparison to other time eras. We learnt about what was most important to the daily lives of ancient Egyptians. This included studying what their houses were made of, what food they ate, what clothes they wore and their culture.


One of the highlights of our history topic was learning all about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb. We spent time investigated what artefacts were found in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings and what these artefacts tell us about Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife. We then learnt all about the process of mummification and how the ancient Egyptians use to take out the organs of pharaohs and put them into canopic jars!


Did you know the ancient Egyptians believed that the book of the dead needed to be put in a tomb to help that person reach the afterlife? We enjoyed learning all about this!


We also really enjoyed learning all about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, the famous pharaohs and the life and achievements of Cleopatra.





In Geography we have been studying Egypt. We have looked at where Egypt is located on a world map and the found the capital city and other main cities. Then we studied the River Nile. We found out how important it is to Ancient Egyptians that the river flooded as it adds silt to the soil, making it fertile. We then compared modern Egypt to Ancient Egypt and looked at how it had changed in a few thousand years.


This year we have been looking at databases. We learned to search a database to find information and then created our own class database to add information about ourselves. We then used this to search for class information! After that we created a new database full of information about the pharaohs.



Design and Technology

This term in Design and Technology we have been looking at the famous inventions of the ancient Egyptians and in particular the shaduf. This invention allowed the Egyptians to extract water from the River Nile easily. We had a go at making our very own shaduf in class.



In Music we have been looking at rhythm and melodies. We began by creating our own rhythms using our hands to clap out beats. We then learned how to record our rhythms onto a stave. Next we added a simple melodic tune to the rhythm before adding some lyrics about our topic.



Art and Design

In Art, we have enjoyed looking at Egyptian artefacts in detail and even had the opportunity to sketch some of these in detail. We also designed our own Egyptian head pieces and sketched these from different angles.