The Class Teachers in Year One are Mrs Hughes (1H) and Mr Plimmer (1P). Mrs Richards (1H) and Mrs Smith (1P), Mrs Hyde and Mrs Moore  also support in Year One to help all the children with their learning.

Knowledge Organisers

Please click here to access your child’s knowledge organiser which highlights the key knowledge they will be learning in the Autumn term.

Splendid Skies

Our topic this term has been Splendid Skies. We kicked off our topic with a Memorable Experience. We made weather headbands, kites and windmills.



In our Geography lessons, we focused on identifying the four seasons and what the typical weather for each season is. We investigated different types of extreme weather we could have in the UK. We have looked at a world map and learnt about the equator, the North Pole and the South Pole. We learnt that it is very hot near the equator and very cold at the North and South Pole.



In History, we learnt about Francis Beaufort. We learnt about how he invented the Beaufort scale which is used to measure the wind. There are different levels on the Beaufort wind scale. Beaufort was born in 1774 and died in 1857.


Design and Technology

We have learnt about what a healthy diet is. We created our own healthy fruit salad. It was very tasty!


We created our own weather paintings! We learnt about an artist called Berndnaut Smilde and how he creates different instillations using vapour to look like clouds. He puts clouds in very unusual places! We recreated his work and put our own clouds all around the school. They’re not where you would expect to see clouds! We created transient art using natural materials. This linked to our geography; we picked a season to make a transient art picture showing what a tree would look like in that season. We investigated different materials and which materials would be best to make a sun catcher.


In Music, we listened to Four Seasons by Vivaldi. We discussed different parts of the composition. We were able to identify how different parts made us feel.

We also created sound effects with musical instruments. We used different instruments to make the sounds of the weather. We used guiros to make the sound of light rain, the maracas for the sound of heavy rain, the tambourines/ drums for the sound of light thunder and the cymbals for the loud crashing of thunder.

We practised starting and stopping at the same time, listening to each other when we did. We also were able to play different musical rhythms as a group.



In Computing, we have learnt about coding and algorithms while using Purple Mash. We learnt how to create a background and add two characters to it. Then we were able to move them so they were next to each other. We were able to give these characters commands such as moving left or right. These characters moved in different directions and we programmed them to stop when they collided. Some of us were even able to make it so that a sound could be heard when they did collide.