The class teachers in Year Three are Mrs Roberts (3R) and Miss Duggins (3D). Mrs Cheema supports across both  classes to help the children with their learning. The other members of the Year Three team are Mrs Blackwell, Mrs Hazelhurst and Mrs Nightingale  and together they all work together to help the children succeed.

Knowledge Organisers

Please click here to access your child’s knowledge organiser which highlights they key knowledge they will be learning in the Autumn term.

Tribal Tales

Let’s travel back to Prehistoric Times!

During the Autumn Term we travelled back in time to learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We found out what people’s daily lives were like and what epic battles they fought. We used different techniques such as cutting, scraping and mark making, to make Stone Age tools. We looked closely at cave paintings and created our own. As we learnt about the Bronze Age, we built monuments and copied the Beaker folk style, to make clay containers. Finally we travelled to the Iron Age to learn about hill forts and the properties of iron. We also learnt how to make Iron Age jewellery.

Below we will share with you all our amazing learning from the term.

Our Memorable Experience


During History lessons we began by looking at when the prehistoric times were. We looked at a timeline and ordered events. We continued to find out more about life during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and compared how they changed over time.



In Geography we learnt about settlements and how they changed over time. We looked at physical evidence that shows they existed and can name a settlement that can be visited today.



In Art sessions we learnt about some different drawing techniques including stippling and cross hatching. We used our drawing techniques to design our own rock art and clay pot in a style similar to that from the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Finally we looked at examples of Iron Age jewellery and designed and made our own in a similar style.

Design and Technology

During the Stone Age people hunted and gathered whatever food they could find. They used different sorts of containers to collect their food including baskets. We looked at some different baskets and then designed and made our own out of raffia.




In science lessons this term, we have been able to take part in lots of practical investigations, such as finding out how light travels through prisms, testing which surface needed the most force to move an object along and discovering which materials were or were not magnetic (including iron!) We also found out about some scientific pioneers, such as Alexander Flemming and Sir Isaac Newton.




This term, we have been lucky enough to have keyboard lessons each week, as well as completing Music lessons as part of our Tribal Tales lessons. We have learnt about standard notation, including note names and lengths, clefs and time signatures. We have been able to use this knowledge to read music and play songs!



We have been familiarising ourselves with different components of a computer and network. As well as discussing the benefits and possible problems with online communication. We then had the chance to read and reply to an email from Sir Isaac Newton, who we had learnt about in Science lessons!