Maths at Blackheath

At Blackheath it is our aim to provide children with the processes and knowledge to become competent Mathematicians and skilful and creative problem solvers in the wider world. In our Maths lessons, we facilitate learning which is lively, engaging and innovative to foster fascination and a love of learning in our pupils. We aim to make learning in Maths as practical and hands on as possible and also aim to place taught skills into real life contexts and evident cross curricular through our creative topics.

Maths is taught on a daily basis throughout school. In our lessons, we use a range of exciting and purposeful resources to support learning and help create a visual image to aid understanding. We encourage children to become independent in their approaches to Maths and place an emphasis on their reasoning behind their answers. We often use our extensive outdoor area for Maths allowing children to learn outside of the classroom which our pupils love!

Our Curriculum

As a school we have chosen to create our own personalised scheme of work tailor made to fully cover and embed the new curriculum in each year group and to best support and challenge children of all abilities. We have a thorough approach to assessment and fully understand each of our pupils’ strengths and areas for development. We use a staging system whereby each stage demonstrates a different year group expectation from the new National Curriculum. Eg. Stage 2 is Year 2 objectives. Please see our Stage Target Sheets below.

Children are now also expected to know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 in the New Curriculum. We use our own Maths Champions Times Table Scheme to support this across school. However, please continue to support your child with learning their times tables at home also.

Mylo’s Mastery

At Blackheath, we follow a greater depth model in Maths, whereby objectives are taught comprehensively until they are securely understood by children before moving on. We follow a new learning, consolidation and then application sequence in Maths allowing children to problem solve using their fluency skills acquired. For children who show a deepened understanding in objectives, Mylo’s Mastery is used.

Mylo’s Mastery deepens understanding of objectives, allowing children to Use it! Explain it! and Prove it! The questions used by Mylo’s Mastery encourages children to reason their conceptual understanding, use a variety of methods to prove their answers and explore multiple representations within problems.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is embedded throughout all aspects of our Maths lessons. We encourage our children to actively reason and problem solve at every opportunity in Maths lessons. However, we also engage in structured problem solving focussed lessons regularly. During this time, children are taught specific problem solving skills and provided the opportunity to explore problems for themselves in a practical manner. These are fun sessions which result in some fabulous and innovative work!

Maths at Blackheath is exciting! If you have any questions regarding Maths in your child’s class or as a whole, please feel free to speak to your class teacher or Miss Perks (Maths Leader). Take a look at some of our brilliant Maths below!

Working with Others

At Blackheath, we pride ourselves on our work with others in out local community in Maths. We regularly participate in workshops provide by Explore Learning Tuition centre and our Year 6 children  compete in the National Young Mathematicians Awards each year. We also work with HSBC, who again provide us with useful money skill workshops throughout the year.

Letters to Patents

Year 1 Methods Letter

Year 2 Methods Letter

Year 3 Methods Letter

Year 4 Methods Letter

Year 5 Methods Letter

Year 6 Methods Letter

Useful Links

Useful Documents

Calculation Policy – Addition

Calculation Policy – Subtraction

Calculation Policy -Multiplication

Calculation Policy – Division

Written Methods – Addition

Written Methods -Subtraction

Written Methods -Mulitiplication

Written Methods – Division

Stage 0 Maths Targets

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Stage 3 Maths Targets

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