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Remote learning RESPECT values (Year 2-6)



Login daily for online learning (On time if live) and ensure you send all your high-quality finished work to your teacher on time. (By 3:00pm the same day, wherever possible) If in a google classroom, please leave the classroom when asked to do so to complete your work.

E EMPATHY (Show understanding)

Others maybe feeling worried or finding the work hard online. Encourage your friends safely when online in the Google classroom!

S – SMART (Our online code)

  • Safe-Don’t give personal information e.g. address, passwords & pictures
  • Meet – Never meet strangers online or offline. (See TELL below!)
  • Accepting – Think carefully before you accept, click or open anything online
  • Reliable – Things are not always true online. Ask an adult to check
  • TELL – Tell a trusted adult if something or someone ever makes you feel upset, worried or confused.

P POLITENESS (Be polite at all times)

Remember to use the class chat and audio only when allowed, using our manners when you do. Please remember to mute your microphones unless asked not to.

E EMPOWER (Let me learn/lead for myself)    

   Help yourself if you get stuck:

  • Use any books you have at home
  • Use safe internet searches/web sites
  • Use the class chat area during lessons
  • Ask an adult to help or ask an adult to email the class teacher email
  • If the lesson link goes down and the teacher cannot reconnect, try your best to carry on!

C  CARE (For yourself and others)

About your learning:

  • Make sure you are dressed properly
  • Sit comfortably at a table, with paper, pen/pencil, ruler etc with an adult nearby
  • Ensure presentation is the best it can be for sending back to your teacher

T TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More!)

Help and encourage each other as you would in class using class chat and microphone chat (when appropriate).


Remember to always be smart with a heart by being kind and respectful to others online. Make the internet a better place by helping your friends if they are worried or upset by anything that happens online.

You can contact Childline – 0800 11 11 or if you need help and there is the CEOP button on our schools homepage.