Reception Summer learning




English – Reading / Writing


‘ai’ as in ‘rain

‘ee’ as in ‘see

‘igh’ as in ‘light

‘oa’ as in ‘goat

‘oo’ as in ‘moon

‘oo’ as in ‘book

‘ar’ as in ‘car

‘or’ as in ‘horn

‘ur’ as in ‘fur

‘ow’ as in ‘cow

‘oi’ as in ‘soil

‘ear’ as in ‘hear

air as in ‘fair

‘er’ as in ‘hammer




asonal Changes (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1 – What do we know about the weather?

Everyday Materials (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 2 – What is a material?

Lesson 3 – What are objects made from?

Lesson 4 – Which materials are absorbent?

Animals including Humans (Spring Unit)

Lesson 5 – What are the five senses

Lesson 6 – Which animal families are vertebrates

Lesson 7 – What are the differences between animals and birds?

Lesson 8 – What types of food do living things eat?

Identifying Plants (Spring Unit)

Lesson 9- What type of plants grow in the wild?

Lesson 10 – What is the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees?

Lesson 11 – What are the parts of trees and plants called?

Changes in Living Memory (Spring Unit)

Lesson 1- How have toys changed?

Lesson 2 – How has improved transport made the world more connected?

Events beyond living memory (Spring Unit)

Lesson 2 – How did the Great Fire of London start?

Lesson 2 – How was the Great Fire of London put out?

Lesson 3 – What changes were made as a result of the Great Fire of London?

Physical Geography (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 4 – What is the weather like in Brazil?

Lesson 5 – What is Europe like?

Lesson 6 – What is an Ocean?

Lesson 7 – Where are the world’s oceans?

Lesson 8  – Why are our ocean’s important?

Lesson 9 – What affects where people live?

Human Geography (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 2 – How can we protect our oceans?

Locational Knowledge (Spring Unit)

Lesson 3 –  What can you find in the United Kingdom?

Human Geography (Spring Unit)

Lesson 1 – How do people move around in London?