Mental Health and Wellbeing – Healthy  Minds


Creating Healthy Minds


At Blackheath Primary School, we offer interventions and support for the wellbeing of our children called ‘Healthy Minds’. Mental Health is to be used today to express a positive state in the individual. Having a positive Mental Health is the ability to face life challenges with confidence, to manage them effectively, being responsive to the emotions of one’s self and others and to learn from these experiences. We promote positive mental health to create an environment that supports the development and maintenance of mental-health by helping children to feel good about themselves, to enjoy relationships, to learn confidently and to see their difficulties within a range of life experiences.

As part of our provision for effective mental health we aim to achieve the following;

  • Universal needs – needs of all children and create opportunities that develop resilience
  • Additional needs – the needs of those made vulnerable sometimes my life experiences
  • Targeted needs – the needs of those children who need differentiated support and resources for example intervention for learning Pastoral and emotional well-being
  • As an inclusive school all children will have access to interventions to support their mental and emotional health regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, SEND.


  • Pupils who would benefit from support and intervention will be identified by adults working with that child. A referral form will be completed by class teachers.  A timetable will be put in place to map all ‘Healthy Mind’ Interventions.  Parents will be informed in writing whether they will be receiving any of the above interventions.  Parents will be sent a report at the end of the programme.  Further information about all interventions will be available in the school website.


Blackheath Primary School – Healthy Minds Menu


Morning JournalTime to talk – a key worker will complete a daily journal.  Children have the time to reflect and plan their day.
NurtureNurture groups offer a short term, focused intervention to children which addresses barriers to learning arising from social, emotional or behavioural difficulties (SEBD), in an inclusive, supportive manner.
Water playFosters cognitive development, teaches mathematics and science concepts, enhances physical skills, promotes social learning and cooperative effort, and enriches language experiences.
Sensory CircuitsSensory Circuits are a way to energise children during the school day or before an activity;
Alerting activities (spinning, bouncing on a trampet, skipping) stimulate the body’s central nervous system in preparation for learning;
Organising activities (balancing on a wobble board, stepping stones) demand brain and body to work together.
Calming activities (heavy muscle work and deep pressure) give an awareness of their body in space and increases the ability to self-regulate sensory input.
Cooking therapySpeaking and listening ,cognitive skills, social skills, fine motor skills, sensory skills, allows interaction, increases socialization, increases tactile stimulation and independence.
Lego TherapySocial skills, fine motor skills, group skills, communication skills, attention skills, play skills
Reading Beyond WordsEmotional Literacy; Children have an awareness of feelings, having a sense of empathy, learning to manage emotions, repairing emotional problems.
Sensory TherapyFine motor development, calming and therepuautic.
Sensory RoomA Multi-Sensory Environment is a dedicated room/space designed to block out noise, control space, temperature and lighting. It is an artificially created venue that utilizes multi-sensory equipment to stimulate the senses and promote pleasure and/or feelings of well-being
Draw and Talk therapyDrawing and talking is a safe, easy to learn method of working with children to help with underlying emotional difficulties that may be affecting their learning and behaviour.  The core of the method is encouraging the children to draw with a person they feel comfortable with regularly at the same time each week, and this person asking some non-intrusive questions about the child’s drawings.
CBT – CoachingCognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a particular type of behaviour therapy that involves looking at the way people think as well as how they behave.

CBT is a practical form of treatment that helps people develop problem solving techniques.

Therapeutic mentoringTherapeutic Mentoring is an intervention model that allows a Mentor to spend time 1:1 with a child or youth working on achieving specific goals. Therapeutic Mentoring is a time-limited and targeted service intended to support other services that are already in place
Sand tray therapySand tray therapy is a form of expressive therapy that is sometimes referred to as sand play It allows a child to construct his or her own world using miniature toys and coloured sand. The scene created acts as a reflection of the person’s own life and allows him or her the opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, and gain acceptance of self.
Wellbeing HubChildren will have the opportunity to take part in Social Games, Colour Therapy, Time to Talk
Happy DaysEmotional Wellbeing programme to improve social and emotional aspects of development.
Play Dough TherapyPlay dough can also be used for directive play where the children will be asked to make something relating to a theme or topic relevant to them. Once completed, they have the opportunity to discuss and share what they have made. Play dough therapy help children with:

  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Improved decision making abilities
  • Develop impulse control
  • Discover and enhance self esteem
  • Develop patience
  • Resolve dilemmas
Ready Steady GoHelps children settle into the day, supporting their well being and emotions. It is hoped that by starting the day this way children will be emotionally prepared to meet the challenges of the school day
Colour TherapyChildren have the opportunity to colour in their personal colour therapy books. This calms the mind after lunchtime and gets the children ready for learning. Research shows that colour therapy is great for relieving stress and anxiety
Boxing TherapyThe Box Fit mentoring programme is a weekly programme where children carry out a mentoring session which is tailored around our school values and how they implement them in daily life both at school and home. The session then moves into a fitness session and none contact boxing.
Police MentoringThe Police/Reading mentoring programme is a five week programme designed to support early intervention/prevention. The programme is designed to encourage reading, enhance the children’s personal development and help them to manage their behaviour at school and within the community.
Teamworxs Boot CampThe Teamworxs Boot Camp is an opportunity for children to learn many new skills, make new friends and shine amongst their peers.  The programme consists of the following sessions:

* Induction session to meet other children selected for the programme

* Team building games with Youth Services

* Fire Station session

* Sandwell Valley Park for Forest School Activities

* Malt House Stable for animal therapy session

* A visit from the Oakham PRU team

* Sandwell Leisure Trust Activities