Primary PE and Sports Premium

The Department for Education announced some changes to the Primary PE and Sport Premium. The changes came into effect from September 2017 and mean that the previous formula has been doubled.   For Blackheath Primary School this means that we receive a lump sum of £16000 plus an additional payment of £10 per pupil. This means in the academic year 2018/19 we will receive approximately £19570. The primary aim of the Premium remains the same and will mean we will be able to further raise the profile of and improve the provision of PE and sport in school and ensure healthy and active lifestyles. Please click on the link below to see how the 2017-18 funding was spent.


We are proud to announce how our school is using the funding for 2017 – 18 to support DFE requirements:

We will be;

  • We will continue to provide competitive sports clubs for children.
  • Running sporting competitions and increasing participation in school games.
  • Providing healthy eating sessions for all children to help them make more informed lifestyle choices.
  • Provide a balanceability programme to Reception children, which provides an opportunity for younger children to be involved in cycling. Participation in cycling is proven to improve bone strength, muscle tone and encourage healthier joints and increased alertness and academic performance.
  • Provide swimming lessons for all year 4 children for 2 terms.
  • Provide Healthy eating workshops for all children to sharpen the mind and improve mood, allowing children to maximise their potential at school.
  • Purchase new equipment to support competitive events and PE lessons.
  • Provide active lunchtimes through the employment of Leaders and resources
  • Provide an all weather space for children to participate in sporting activities throughout the year.

What’s Next:

  • To continue to promote sporting activities within school;
  • To improve parental involvement in healthy and active lifestyles, healthy eating sessions, new improved menu and more attractive publication of school meals around school.
  • Gain feedback from children regarding activities, Swimming, Balance ability to ascertain whether these programmes were successful and to look at the possibility of rolling them out to other year groups and in following years.

Primary PE and Sport Grant Report 2017/18

Sport Premium Planned Spend  2018/19

Swimming Competency 2018/19