Year 2 Summer Learning

Year Two
PhonicsEnglish – Reading / WritingMaths
‘kn’ as in knee and ‘gn’ as in gnaw

‘si’ as in ‘vision’ and ‘measure’

‘dge’ as in ‘bridge’

‘y’ as in ‘gym’

‘wr’ as in ‘write’ and ‘mb’ as in ‘thumb’

‘ti’ as in ‘action’

‘is’ as in ‘mansion’ ‘ssi’ as in ‘mission’

‘or’ as in ‘work’ and ‘ear’ as in ‘learn’

‘ci’ as in ‘special’

TEXT – ‘The Marriage of Ganesh’

Lesson 1 – Listen to a story

Lesson 2- Tell a story from memory

Lesson 3- Explore main moods in a story

Lesson 4 – Use the four sentence types

Lesson 5 – Make inferences on the basis of what is said and done

Lesson 6 – Box up for a purpose

Lesson 7 – Explore how writers create mood

Lesson 8 To make a reader feel a a certain mood (part 1)

Lesson 9 – To make a reader feel a certain mood (part 2)

Lesson 10 – Make a reader feel a certain mood

 (part 3)

Place Value

Partitioning 2-digit numbers

Ordering 2-digit numbers

Calculating with the four operations

Adding and subtracting ones from a 2-digit number

Adding and subtracting tens from a 2-digit number

Adding two 2-digit numbers

Subtracting two 2-digit numbers

Shape and patterns

Identifying 2D shapes based on their properties

Naming and describing 3D shapes

Forces and Magnets (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1 – What are non contact forces?

Lesson 2 – What are magnets?

Lesson 3 – How can we tell if a material is magnetic or not?

Animals including humans  (Autumn unit)

Lesson 4 – What are the major bones in a human body?

Light (Spring Unit)

Lesson 5 – What is light?

Lesson 6 – Which materials are reflective?

Lesson 7 – How are shadows formed?

Plants (Summer Unit)

Lesson 8 – What are the parts and functions of a plant?

Lesson 9 – What are the parts of a plant’s life cycle?

Lesson 10 – How does a plant transport water?

The Story of Britain (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1- How do we know about prehistoric Britain?

Lesson 2- What were the different periods in the Stone Age?

Lesson 3- What was life like in a Neolithic settlement?

Lesson 4 – How did farming change how humans lived?

Ancient Greece (Spring unit)

Lesson 5 – How was Ancient Greece organised?

Lesson 6- What was the Golden Age of Greece?

Lesson 7 – What did the Ancient Greeks believe in?

Lesson 8 – Why was Alexander so great?

Lesson 5 – What were the great achievements of the Ancient Greeks?

Fieldwork skills (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1- Why do geographers do fieldwork?

Lesson 2 – What enquiries are geographers currently doing?

Physical Geography

Water and Rivers (Summer Unit)

Lesson 3- Where is Earth’s water?

Lesson 4- What makes up the weather?

Lesson 5 – Where are the world’d rivers?

Lesson 6 – How do rivers shape the land?