Year Three Summer Learning

Year Three




Lesson 1 – To engage with the text

Lesson 2 –Answering questions about the text

Lesson 3 –Analyse a character

Lesson4 –Explore one of the main themes

Lesson 5 – Explore genre

Lesson 6 – Reading for pleasure –  personal reflection

Lesson 7 – Reading for pleasure – Discussion of characters

Lesson 8 –Reading for pleasure – book recommendations

To revise apostrophes for contraction and singular possession

Unit – Oak National Academy

Place Value

Partitioning Numbers in Different ways

Ordering and comparing 3-digit numbers

Calculating with the four operations

Adding two 3-digit numbers

Subtracting two 3-digit numbers

Multiply a 2-digit number by 1-digit number

Divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number




Animals including humans  (Spring Unit) 

Lesson 1- How do we construct a food chain?

Lesson 2- Are all teeth the same?

Lesson 3- How do humans digest food?

Electricity  (Spring Unit)

Lesson 4 – What are the different components in an electrical circuit?

Lesson 5 – What are insulators and conductors?

Lesson 6 – How much do we rely on electricity?

Sound (Summer Unit)

Lesson 7 – What is sound?

Lesson 8 – How are different sounds produced?

States of Matter (Summer Unit)

Lesson 9 – What are the properties of solid, gases and liquids?

Lesson 10 – How do particles behave inside solids, liquids and gases?

Lesson 11 – What are changes of state and why do they take place?

Lesson 12 – What are melting points and boiling points?

Ancient Civilisations (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1- Who were the Celts and why did they use iron?

Lesson 2- How did the Roman Empire become so powerful?

Lesson 3- Who was Julius Caesar?

Lesson 4 – What did the Romans believe?

Lesson 5- How were Roman beliefs similar to those of the Ancient Greeks?

Lesson 6 – Why did the Romans leave Britain?

The Story of Britain (Spring Unit)

Lesson 7 – Who were the Vikings?

Lesson 8 – What was life link in Viking Britain?

Lesson 9 – How did England become a Unified country?

Lesson 10 – How was Britain conquered between 950AD-1066

Lesson 11 – In 1066, who was the rightful heir to the throne?

Locational Knowledge (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1 –  What is the geography of Scotland?

Lesson 2 – What is the geography of England?

Lesson 3 –  What is the geography of Northern Ireland?

Lesson 4  – What is the geography of England?

Fieldwork Skills (Spring Unit)

Lesson 5 – Tools of fieldwork: maps

Lesson 6- Tools of fieldwork: surveys and questionnaires

Physical Geography (Summer Unit)

Lesson 7- What is the earth made of?

Lesson 8- How are volcanoes made?