Year Four Summer Learning

Year Four




Lesson 1- Engage with the text

Lesson 2- Answer questions on the text

Lesson 3 Answer questions on the text (part 2)

Lesson 4 – Analyse a character

Lesson 5 – Explore genre

Lesson 6 – Reading for pleasure: Personal Reflection

Lesson 7 – Reading for pleasure: Discussion of favourite characters

Lesson 8 – Reading for pleasure: book recommendations

To practise speech punctuation rules

Place Value

Recognising place value of each digit in a 4-digit number 

Ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000

Calculating with the four operations

Add two 4- digit numbers

Subtract two 4- digit numbers

Multiplying a 3- digit number by a 1- digit number

Short Division

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Recognising equivalent fractions

Converting mixed numbers into improper fractions

Adding fractions (with a total greater than one)




Earth and Space (Autumn Unit)

Lesson – What are solar and lunar eclipses 

Lesson – What is the solar system?

Forces (Spring Unit)

Lesson – What are forces?

Lesson  – What are non contact forces?

Lesson  – What impact do gear, levers and pulleys have on forces?

Living Things and their Habitats (Summer Unit)

Lesson 1- Why do plants have flowers?

Lesson 2- How do you clone a potato?

Lesson 3- How does the life cycle of an insect compare to an amphibian?

Lesson 4 – Are the life cycles of mammals the same?

Lesson 5 – Why do birds lay eggs?

Ancient Civilisations (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1- Who ruled Ancient Egypt?

Lesson 2 – What was Ancient Egyptian Society like?

Lesson 3 – How did the Ancient Egyptians travel and trade?

Lesson 4-  What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?

Lesson 5- Why was Tutankhamun’s tomb an important discovery?


Locational Knowledge (Autumn Unit)

Lesson 1- What are the countries of Europe?

Human Geography (Spring Unit)

Lesson 2 – How does globalisation affect trade?


Lesson 3 – Where does our food come from?

Lesson 4 – How globalised is your life?

Physical Geography (Spring Unit)

Lesson 5 – What resources does the UK have?

Lesson 6- What are the Earth’s biomes?

Lesson 7 – How are biomes being damaged?

Lesson  8- How are biomes being protected and preserved?