Year Five Summer Learning






Lesson 1- Learn about a poet and the historical context of a poem.

Lesson 2- Read and analyse a poem

Lesson 3 – Explore the writer’s purpose

Lesson 4 – Answer questions on a poem and plan  my own poem

Lesson 5 – Reading for Pleasure: Personal reflections

Lesson 6  – Reading for Pleasure: discussion of favourite characters

Lesson 7 Reading for pleasure: book recommendations 

To explore word class – Oak National Academy

Calculating with the four operations

Adding Decimals

Multiplying a 3- digit number by a 2-digit number

Divide a 4-digit number by a one digit number 

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Converting fractions and decimals

Comparing fractions and decimals

Rounding decimals




Light (Autumn Unit) 

Lesson 1- What is light and where does it come from?

Lesson 2- How do we see light?

Animals including humans  (Autumn Unit) 

Lesson 3 – Why do different people with different lifestyles needs different diets?

Lesson 4- What happens to the circulatory system during exercise?

Electricity  (Spring Unit) 

Lesson 5- What are the different components in an electrical circuit?

Lesson 6 – What are circuit diagrams?

Lesson 7 – What happens in a circuit when you change the components?

Evolution and Inheritance  (Spring Unit) 

Lesson 8 – What is an adaptation?\

Lesson 9 – What is the theory of Evolution?

Lesson 10 – How do fossils provide evidence for evolution?

Lesson 11 – What are the different animal kingdoms?

Lesson 12 – Which organisms lived during each era o ftime?

The Story of Britain 

Lesson 1 – What caused the First World War to break out?

Lesson 2- Why were so many lives lost on the Western front?

Fieldwork Skills

Lesson 1 – Can I collect data about road use in my community?

Lesson 2 – How sustainable is my community?