The Year Two class teachers are  Mrs Banning (2B) and Miss Smith (2S).  Mrs Barratt, Mrs Allen,  Miss Bastable, Mrs Phillips, Miss Dellicott and Mrs Nightingale are also members of the Year Two team and they all work together to help the children learn and succeed.

Knowledge Organisers

Please click here to access your child’s knowledge organiser which highlights the key knowledge they will be learning in the Autumn Term.

In the Autumn Term, the year two children have been learning all about significant people, places and structures in the UK and the wider world through their Towers, Tunnels and Turrets topic.

Children have been submerged into what life was like in a castle and what types of people used to and still do live in castles. The children looked at towers, tunnels and bridges from around the world and the changes these have faced over the years. In Year 2 , they also learnt about ‘The Great Escape’ and how tunnels were used to help people escape.



In Geography, we had to name and locate seas and oceans  that surround the UK.

We also had to name, describe and compare human and physical features of our own locality and another named place, asking and responding to questions.

We looked at local towers in the area such as Turners Hill Transmitter, the BT Tower in Birmingham and Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower is a clock tower located at the University of Birmingham.

We looked at maps and map symbols so that we were able to sketch a map of the local area.



Millie 2B                                                                                              Amelie 2S


We learnt about two famous tunnels.

They are called…

The Channel Tunnel in England

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai

We located human and physical features on a map of England and a map of Shanghai.


Mariam 2B




Krill 2S



In History, we have looked at how castles have changed over time. We had to order castles chronologically according to their time period.



Milija 2B                                                                             Armaan 2B

We also looked at The Great Escape and how prisoners used tunnels to escape from prison. We then answered questions about The Great Escape to check our understanding.


Arham 2B                                                                            Raiden 2S


We also learnt about the life and work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a famous mechanical and civil engineer who built bridges, tunnels, railway lines, docks and ships during the industrial revolution.


Elliott 2B                                                          Brody 2S


Art and Design

We looked at the work of Roland Lee who is a full-time artist living in southern Utah near Zion National Park. Each year Roland travels to various parts of the world where he sketches and paints on location.

We also had a go at doing some sketching. We choose a part of Warwick castle to observe and sketch. We used different tones (light or dark) and we drew lines of different thickness to create depth and texture .


Andy Goldsworthy

We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. This artist creates sculptures using natural materials.


We had a go at creating a tower using natural materials in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

We used natural materials such as clay, stones, sticks and leaves. We had to mould the clay to form the basic structure.



In music, we have been learning to appreciate music by focusing on the pitch, rhythm and volume of the music. We also had a guess at which instruments we could hear.

The we listened to Battle on the Tower by Alan Menken and completed the following tasks:

  • Identify the instruments that are used in key moments in the piece of music
  • Describe the pitch, volume and rhythm,
  • Draw a picture to show what you think of when you hear the piece of music,
  • Describe the mood that it creates


We also used percussion instruments. Percussion instruments are instruments that make a noise when they are hit, shaken or scrapped.



Olivia 2B

Charlie 2S



In Computing we have been learning about coding. We have been using simple commands to make objects move.                              

We have also created our own simple programme. We had to choose a background and 2 characters. Then we input commands to make the characters move.

Well done to all Year Two children for their hard work this term!