The class teachers in Year 6 are Mr Bains (6B) and Miss Glasgow (6G). The other members of the Year Six team are Miss Perks (Assistant Headteacher), Mrs Lawrence,  Mrs Dellicott, Mrs Adams, Mrs Ordway and Mr Sprason. Together, they all help our year six pupils achieve their potential.

The topic during Autumn term has been a study into the early ancient Maya civilisation and was called Hola Mexico.

Knowledge Organisers

Please click here to download your child’s knowledge organiser which highlights the key knowledge they will learn in the Autumn term.

During Hola Mexico, children studied the history of the Maya, listened to a range of Mexican music, studied the ancient Maya maps and used sketching techniques to draw Maya stelae.


During History lessons, they learned about the Maya civilisation, the Mayan gods and understood what life as a Mayan was like. Here children studied the different Maya Gods and researched what they were Gods of. Children then discussed the similarities and differences between Maya Gods and Greek gods.

During History, year 6 also took part in a comparison lesson where they compared Maya times and life to their own today! Children have also looked at the Ancient Maya map and compared it to the map of Mexico.

Here children looked at the historical map of the Mayan period and labelled the different parts. We also used this knowledge in our Geography lessons where we linked it to the current map of Mexico.


In Geography this term, we learnt about different locations such as cities, deserts and found out about the locations of the ancient Maya civilisations. Here children looked at the human and physical differences between Mexico and the UK.



During Computing this term, children used Google to search about the Maya writing system. They then used Microsoft Word to type up their findings and even used the many features of Microsoft Word to copy, cut and paste examples of the writing system.


Art and Design

Children took part in their very own Day of the Dead and created their own masks! Research about the Day of the Dead was completed first, before children decided to design and create their masks!

As well as this, year 6 looked at Maya Stelae carvings and recreated the artwork. Below is an example of one of the sketches along with a sketch using 1 point perspective.



Design and Technology

During Design and Technology, children looked at a variety of foods that are eaten in Mexico. They then had the opportunity to create their very own … healthy FAJITAS! They learnt all about nutrition and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.




During music this term, children have learnt the famous song ‘The Little Cockroach’ and sang it in school. They also looked at different types of Mexican music and compared it to their own genre of choice. Here a child chose to research all about gospel music and compared it to the Mexican music they listened to earlier.